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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Organizing my quilting projects!

Busy time in my sewing room right now!  I've been hard at work this week making twin quilts of my Twinkle Star design!  It's pretty fast making two of the same thing at the same time - and you get double the satisfaction at the end of sewing all your blocks:
Those two extra blocks are the beginnings of my Blockheads II quilt.  I am sooo far behind with my blocks, but I swear I am going to catch up...I don't know when, but I will!

I also did some machine quilting this week and got my new sample done for Mountain Dawning!

Just as pretty in bright colors as it was in blues!

I did quilt this one differently.  I stipple quilted the white and did curved and straight line quilting in the rainbow section.
So pretty!  This one will be going to Threads That Bind as a shop sample along with one of the Twinkle Star quilts.  We have kits or fabric available for both quilts.

Progress is stalled on the Brothers and Sisters Quilt while I wait for the border fabric to arrive.  I also will be working on one of the blocks that isn't playing well with the rest.

I finished up the top for my November Island Batik Ambassador challenge!  I also have the back ready so can get that basted and ready for quilting, at least I am good with that deadline.  Are you interested in becoming an Island Batik Ambassador?  The 2019 Application was just published - I highly recommend the experience, and have already applied for another year.

Last, but not least is my "secret sewing"!  I have so many of these projects that I am working on right now that I had to come up with a way to organize everything so I can work effectively and keep things together.  I made a trip to the Dollar Tree to see what I could find to help me.  Though it's not the most gorgeous and photogenic solution I found some great bins in the perfect size.  I have all my printed material for these projects in plastic sleeves so that I can double check fabric requirements, make notes for changes to instructions, and keep track of my progress.  These four bins are to become completed quilts for the Island Batik 2019 Spring Summer Catalog.  I can't show you the fabric yet, but you know it is all beautiful!
Next week I will show you my project for the Fall/Winter catalog - it is so bright and beautiful!  It's a little strange working so far ahead on projects, but also fun.  It's almost like a surprise when the fabrics come out and you remember how gorgeous they were!

Back to the sewing machine, because as you can see, there is lots of stitching to be done here!

Come join the link up on Myra's Blog:

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, November 05, 2018

Changing it up - Mountain Dawning - same pattern, different colorway!

I've been working on a new version of my Mountain Dawning pattern as a shop sample for Threads That Bind.  This time I used Rock Candy strips and White out (essential gems from Wilmington Prints).  So much fun in the bright colors!  I tried laying it out different ways, and it was really hard to choose which one to use:

I really liked this one (which isn't in the pattern, but easy to figure out!)
And this version is stunning as well!
So hard to choose!
All of them were just so beautiful!
I decided to make the cover version in the end.  I added some of my leftover strips to some rainbow raindrops for the backing:

And got it basted.  I plan on quilting this one differently - the blue version was done with straight lines, so this one will get some free motion quilting.  I think I have a fun bright variegated thread to use on the rainbow parts!

I enjoyed working on my design wall yesterday, it's been a while!  Linking up for Design Wall Monday.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Mountain Dawning - Island Batik Ambassador Challenge for June - Modern Quilt

This month's challenge for the Island Batik Ambassador group was to make a Modern Quilt.  This year I was really excited about working on this theme - and had an idea right off the bat!

 From the minute I saw the Alpine Ice strip pack in my box I knew I wanted to try to make a quilt inspired by the Delectable Mountains pattern.

I had an idea for creating the block using strips, and went to work figuring it out.  This strip pack was perfect because it had 20 lights and 20 darks!

The blocks went together really well, then came the challenge of deciding my layout.  I decided to focus on alternate gridwork to make my quilt more modern, but was not very satisfied with my initial attempt.

  After consulting with my fellow Ambassadors I turned the blocks sideways and was much happier with the look. That and a little more rearranging of the blocks and I was finally happy with my layout.

 Then came the quilting!  I was struggling a bit there as well, but as usual the Ambassadors were so helpful and encouraged me to keep adding more quilting.
They were definitely right!  And the Hobb's Heirloom batting provided in my Ambassador box was wonderful to work with.  I really love the way the slight loft it has added a wonderful texture to my quilt.  Truthfully, it's been a while since I've used Hobb's batting and I had forgotten what a wonderful product it is!  I chose to use the medium blue Aurifil 40 wt thread that I also received in my Ambassador box.  I use a lot of their 50 wt threads for quilting, but I am definitely being drawn to the 40 wt thread lately - I just like the way it makes the stitches a little more defined.

For the back, I made one half dark and one half light - love the way the quilting shows up so nicely!

And here is my finished quilt!  Definitely a nice modern look to this.  It ended up at 48 x 48.

I learned a lot from the process of designing and making this quilt.  I'm really glad I reached out for advice when I felt stuck!  At times I felt discouraged because this quilt wasn't quite what I pictured in my mind, but in the end I am totally thrilled with it and am glad I didn't give up.   Sometimes you just need another opinion, or some good advice to get to the finish line!

I was so happy with the end result that I decided to write this up as a pattern: Mountain Dawning  It is available in my Etsy shop.  I've also included some other layout variations - the alternate possibilities are really amazing as well!

Check the list of 2018 Island Batik Ambassadors to see more projects!