Saturday, September 30, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 56, Home - Road to the White House Block

 Here we are with the final day of my trip!  Can't believe it's already been a whole year since we took this fantastic journey!  This block is Road to the White House.  No, not the White House, my white house in Coos Bay!

We drove through more redwoods today - just love these giants every time, it never gets old!

A little red schoolhouse.

More redwoods...

And the Trees of Mystery!  We always enjoy stopping here!

A visit with Paul Bunyon is sure to make anyone's day good!

Now we are in Oregon!

Home is getting closer and closer!  We are excited to get there!

Back to our town!

And home to our little gray cat!  We were happy to see he looked quite healthy and seemed to be glad to see us at last!  Two months is like years to a cat!  He was a little chunkier, but otherwise in great shape

My three inch block.

The six inch version.  I had to take this one apart and resew it, I had the blue triangles turned toward the center of the block!

And the nine inch block!  I'm so excited to have all my blocks finished, but now I need to put them all together!  That might take me a while, but I promoise I won't let them sit too long.  I know you are waiting to see the finished quilts!  Thanks for joining me - it's been fun reliving my trip and making some quilts to remember it by!  

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Chris said...

Have enjoyed your trip immensely. Thanks for the photos, the descriptions and the blocks. I’m from the UK so now I feel as if I’ve done a sightseeing trip through the USA. Thanks again