Saturday, September 23, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 49, Anaheim - Nevada block

 Are you ready for an intense piecing experience?  This block will definitely fill that bill!  The units aren't hard, lots of half square triangles, but with so many in a block it can definitely be a challenge.

I've recommended to sew this block in quarters to help keep the units all in the right spot!  Now for our drive for the day:

We headed out of Nevada toward Los Angeles - our destination was Anaheim - tomorrow we will go to Disneyland!  Saw these cool statues on the way out of town!

Lots of straight roads!  

Happy to be in California!  Home is starting to beckon, and we know we are getting closer.

You can't tell from the picture, but those lights were super bright and you could see them for many miles.  It's a solar array, with mirrors.  Pretty interesting.

Lots of desert landscape.

Pretty easy driving, traffic wasn't too horrible.

We found a Wienerschnitzel for dinner and headed for the hotel to get ready for our Disneyland day!

The three inch block.

Six inch block.

And the nine inch block.  As much as I enjoy the small blocks, the sharp piecing is much easier in the larger ones!  Next week's blocks will be much easier, I promise!  It'll be a fun finish!

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