Thursday, September 14, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 40, Dallas/Fort Worth - Alabama Block

 Here's a nice and easy block for today!  This is the Alabama block,

Just squares today, isn't' that nice?

We saw these mini oil rigs at a rest stop after leaving Longview! Pretty cool.

As we head toward more populated areas, there were more lanes and traffic.

Entering Dallas, our destination was the museum at Dealey Plaza.

It wasn't too hard to find, our GPS got us there just fine.  The views of the city were just beautiful - it was hard to concentrate on helping navigate when I wanted to admire the view!

We enjoyed our visit to the museum, and the memorial for JFK.  It was very strange to see the actual site, after having watched videos of the shooting so many times.  The whole area seems a lot smaller in person than I had pictured it.  After that we got back onto the highway to get to our hotel in Fort Worth.  Boy, the highways were crazy!  We somehow ended up in an express lane that took us right where we wanted to go, but I had a feeling we'd have to pay for that later!  (Sure enough, we eventually got a toll bill in the mail when we got home!)

We were happy to see a sign for one of our favorite spots to eat - no not the Waffle House!  Wienerschnitzel Chilli Dogs for Dinner!  We were looking forward to a couple of nights of being in one spot, too.  As much as we were enjoying the trip, getting home was starting to sound good.  But there are still many things to see and do before we get there!

Even the three inch block was easy to put together!

The six inch version.

And the nine inch.  Love the fabrics in this one!  All the fabrics I am using are from Island Batik, the 12 inch fabrics are a wide variety of different collections, and I love the way they allwork together!

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