Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 38, Florida to Louisiana - Georgia Block

Day 38, time to leave Florida and start heading west!  Today's block is almost catching us up to where we are, but we'll add three more states to the list today!  This block is Georgia:

Just four triangles in this block!  

We were off and ready for another day of traveling - today we'd hit three new states!  

Lots of nice highway, and flat!  

We hit another brief storm!  Boy, the water just dumps down like crazy, but it only lasts about 5 minutes.

Then the skies turn blue again!

Lots of green in this part of the country!

We crossed the border into Alabama - here is Mobile.

We weren't in Alabama long, it was just a short time unit we crossed the border into Mississippi!

Mississippi didn't look a whole lot different!

Lots of water here and there!

Biloxi was one town we passed through.

And shortly we arrived in Louisiana!  We stayed the night in Slidell.  Tomorrow we would be in Texas!

My three inch block.  Looks a little wonky, but I think it will be ok

Six inch block.  Much better!

And the none inch version.  Since this block is based on a grid of 5 units, I had to add the border to be able to use it in these sizes.  I really wanted to use it, so it was worth it, I think!

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