Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 32, Roanoke and Natural Bridge - New Jersey Block

 Today's block really was a struggle for me in the three inch size!  Make sure you measure your units as you complete them - it'll save you from having to do as much unstitching as I did!

Today was a one state day, and we were looking forward to a 2 night stay!  Our destination today was Roanoke, VA.

What a beautiful day!  We drove through mostly countryside today, and it was lovely.

A pretty painted water tower!  It was fun seeing these, we don't see them where we live!

The scenery was just beautiful!  

The mountains are so pretty!

Before we got to Roanoke we stopped to see the Natural Bridge.  Naomi recommended it to us, and it was a light day of driving, so the perfect opportunity for an unplanned stop.  We did get a little sidetracked by the GPS, but got it figured out in no time!

And it's historical as well as Natural!  It was a bit of a hike down to the Natural Bridge and it was a very hot and humid day.  We just took our time.  I was thankful that there weren't any mosquitoes around!

Photographs do not do this place justice at all!  You can't capture the scale of this massive hole without seeing it in person!

And would you believe, there is a road across the top?  You drive over it when you exit the park!

We took the hike down past the Natural Bridge, and enjoyed the different exhibits, showing how the native americans in this area built their villages.

We spotted many of these pretty butterflies, and this one posed for me!

A beautiful hike along a stream.  We only saw a few people while we were there, so really enjoyed being able to take our time and look at all the pretty views!

At the end of the trail there was this waterfall.  See the heron?  We had to watch a long time before we finally saw him move!  I almost thought he was a statue!

On the way back, we stopped for one more picture!  See me in the middle?  Maybe that gives you an idea of how tall this is!  We walked a lot of steps back up, then stopped in the souvenir shop for some mementos! 

After this we headed to Roanoke and got settled in our hotel room.

New Jersey Block in three inch size - a good challenge!

My six inch version came together much easier!

And the nine inch wasn't bad at all!  Careful pressing, and watching those points is the way to go!  It's not easier, but it does help you gain those skills for later use!

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