Monday, August 14, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 9 - Oklahoma, Oklahoma Twister Block

Today is the day we set off on highways we had never driven before!  Exciting times for sure!  The block I chose for this day is Oklahoma Twister.  It looks pretty intense, but isn't as hard to sew as you might think.

Before I get to that, let me show you some pictures from our day!

I told you we weren't traveling light!  Here is the luggage cart loaded with our huge amount of necessities!

We drove south from Pueblo into New Mexico.  

A new state line for us! From there we went across the Texas panhandle.  We saw many cornfields and silos.

We also saw some what we assume were oil refineries or plants of some sort.

We traveled along the old route 66!

Mostly flat scenery after we got out of Colorado, just a few hills and mesas.  

It was a pretty long drive - about 8 hours on the road.  We were glad to get to El Reno Oklahome, where we would be stopped for a few nights.  When we went for dinner, we were surprised at how loud the cicadas were!  My husband thought we had a belt slipping before we realized what we were actually hearing.  We were definitely anticipating seeing a new place and exploring a bit.

This block is easiest to assemble as quarters.  Lots of point to match on this one, and I spotted one that wasn't even close - hm, what happened here? 

Aha - see how the edge of the pieced section slipped below the edge of the rectangle?  I unstitched this section, then sewed the seam a little more carefully.

That looks better!

Now it's easy to sew the four sections together to complete the block.  

And there you have a finished Oklahoma Twister block!  The three inch one is super cute, too - but so many pieces!

The smaller the block, the harder it is to match those points!  

And the nine inch version.  Bigger is easier for sure when dealing with all these triangles!  Hope you have a great Monday. 

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