Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 24, Time for a Visit - Gettysburg Block

I've got a more complicated block for you today!  All nine squares of this nine patch are pieced, so this one will take a little time, but it looks awesome!  We are looking forward to our plan of visiting Gettysburg tomorrow, so I chose this block.

We had an interesting experience checking into this hotel!  There were two buildings, so we pulled into the first one, but were swiftly sent over to the second one.  This really had my poor husbands trouble radar going off!  Not to mention the weird statue out front!  But it was a nice place to stay and we didn't have any problems there at all!

After breakfast we drove to Bridgeville to see my husband's cousin and his wife.  It was a delightful visit, they hadn't been together in many years, so it was a sweet reunion. And we got to meet his sweet wife, who is a delight.  After lunch we agreed to take a drive, and what a fun drive it was!  We drove up a winding road through what seemed like a rural area, then came over the top to see this stunning view of Pittsburg!

Wow!  What a fun way to see the city!  It was truly breathtaking.  

This is Mount Washington, overlooking the Monongahela River

They were doing construction, but we still hopped over for a quick photo!

We then down to the city, but the rain started, so I didn't get too many pictures of the stadium or the river.  Sadly, my phone wanted to focus on the drops on the window instead of the scenery!

I learned why it's called Three Rivers Stadium!  The Allegheny River and the Monongahela River meet and become the Ohio River!  It's a lovely spot!

We headed back for more conversation and dinner.  We had a wonderful visit and hope we can get back again soon.  Tomorrow our plan was to visit Gettysburg, which inspired today's block!

Love the 3 inch block!

The six inch block looks stunning in these colors!

But I think my favorite is the 9 inch version!  Notice those corners?  They are made in the same manner as the Bird in the Air unit, and are called Cat's Cradle.  Take your time, and you'll have a lovely version of this block as well. 

I am sure enjoying the memories of our trip from last year!  Almost like taking this trip all over again!

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