Monday, August 07, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along, Day 2

 We started Day 2 of our Road trip with a visit to Crater Lake!  It was the first time for both of us, I can't believe that after living in Oregon for over 40 years neither one of us had ever been.  We were really glad that my husband was able to get a Senior pass for the National Parks - only $20.00 and we saved so much money on our admissions!  

It was so blue and clear!  This water is some of the purest in the world, the only source is rain and snowfall!  We only got to spend a little over an hour visiting, and we definitely plan to return and spend some time hiking and enjoying the beauty!

It was quite hot here, but so pretty!  We met a couple of people from Tennessee, I believe they were celebrating their wedding anniversary - can't remember if it was 50 or 60.  We got a big laugh when we asked their names, which were Jerry and Jan.  It was super funny, because my husband and I are Perry and Pam!  It really felt like an appointment that God worked out for us because we never would have met them if we had kept to our schedule and come the day before!

Then it was time to hit the road and get started to our next stop; Fernley, Nevada.  It was a long drive, and part of it was definitely a different road, but it was a good highway.  We always look forward to seeing Mount Shasta in Californa because that signals the turn to head east.  We saw lots of Ponderosa forests on our way, and quite a bit of fire damage.  It's sad to see the forests so devestated. 

The next stop on our agenda was Pizza at Round Table in Susanville.  We've stopped here for many years, and it hasn't changed much at all!  We made sure to order a smaller pizza since there were onely two of us and we didn't want to have leftovers.  It was as delicious as ever and so fun to remember stopping there with our girls on vacation.

We saw a rainbow that looked like it was shooting straight up in the air after we got back on the road, it was so pretty!

The sun was starting to get low, so it was time to finish up our journey for the day.  Though the sunset was behind us, we got to see plenty of color ahead of us!  

When we got to our motel room we were full of happiness, our first full day on the road had gone perfectly, and we really felt like we were finally on vacation at last!  The room we stayed in was unusual because it had tile floors instead of carpet!  And I froze all night because the air conditioning was set at 68!  Brr!  From then on, we made sure that we checked to make sure it was more in our comfort zone.  (We don't have air conditioning at home because we really don't need it, most nights are no warmer than 72 in the house here!)

I didn't have a good inspiration from Crater Lake, but I decided that Mount Shasta would be a great block - this is a simple one I designed myself!  Just half square triangles and one single square.  This block is a lot easier than yesterday's so I hope you feel better about completing this journey!  I do remember thinking on the first day of our trip, "I wonder if we can really do this for 8 weeks".  The answer is yes!  Some days are more difficult than others, but the whole journey will be worth it in the end!

Now, I have to go see if I can solve the mystery of why my blog emails aren't going out! Always something, right?  

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