Saturday, July 22, 2023

Home Improvements - big progress!

 Just to warn you - this is not a quilting post, but all of my life is not just quilting!  Not to say that it wouldn't be awesome if it was, but in reality, there are other things most of us have to do in our day!  

This project started 2 years ago with my husband and I breaking up and pulling up our almost 70 years old deteriorating driveway.  It was a long and arduous process, but we persisted and accomplished it with only the use of hand tools.  Crazy!  We have a friend who was a concrete contractor who assisted us with figuring out the slope and where to form the edges.  It took a lot of sand to level this driveway out and make sure it directs the water away from our house and garage!

Between the twists and turns of life, and changes in the business of our first choice for concrete guys, it's taken two years to get to this point!  Finally we found someone to take on our job and do the concrete work.  Our plan was to break up the walkway and be ready for pouring it all at once, when we received a call from the concrete guy that he was ready to come pour on Tuesday the 11th!  Yikes - we scrambled and got the first section ready for that afternoon. We are so thankful for our friend, who, though his health has not been great was able to help us get this together!

It was sure fun to watch how they pour and level and finish the concrete!

At the end of the day, we had the first section finished and a pland to get the rest ready for pouring on the following Monday.

Last Saturday was finfally our day to break up the walkway!  We were nervous about how it would go, and my husband was a little concerned about using the jackhammer we rented.  We figured it would be an all day job, and were rested up and ready to tackle it.

It turns out that it was not bad at all!  Loading up the concrete was hard work, and I made a lot of trips with that wheelbarrow out to the side of the house, but it took us less than four hours to get this job done!

That's a good size pile of concrete!

Monday arrived, and the guys got the rest of the forms in and were ready to pour!  We ended up with a total of almost 12 yards of concrete total.  

I kind of miss the old rocky concrete, but the new looks so fresh and clean!  It will be fun for my youngest grand-daughter to use her sidewalk chalk on!  I got a kick out of the little tool they used to finish all the edges so nicely.  It looked like a little iron!

We are super thankful to finally have this job completed!  And I can't wait to park my car on the driveway! I can finish getting ready for the next big thing!  Are you ready for a nice long road trip?  Come back on Monday, and I'll have the full details for you!  We had so much fun on our trip and I am excited to share quilt blocks and memories with you as we travel across the USA!  Get ready to pack your bags for a fun journey!

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