Sunday, January 29, 2023

Oregon Quilt Festival 2023

It was a good weekend to take a road trip and attend a quilt show!  We did run into some light rain, but were compensated with a rainbow!

And a bit of sunset color as we were nearing our destination.

 But the best part was seeing our shadow beside the road!  So fun!

Our destination was Salem, Oregon and the Oregon Quilt Festival.  It's been ages since I got to attend a quilt show, so I was excited!  I took quite a few pictures, so I'll just share some of the highlights...

This one was stunning - hand applique and hand quilting, definitely a work of art!

I loved this sampler quilt, too.  The colors are really nice, and the variety of blocks was fun to look at!

I really liked the quilting in this Storm at Sea variation.  

A beautiful Feathered Star - with lovely quilting.

Isn't this a fun way to use scraps?  I really liked the large triangles made from strips!  This next one was really amazing!

So many tiny Lemoyne Stars!  

And hand quilted to boot!  These stars are only about 3 inches and I think they are hand pieced as well.  Just so lovely!

I wish some of these quilts displayed on chairs were hung - quite a few really pretty ones.  The displays were all pretty tight so it was hard to get good pictures of most of the quilts.  

I loved the quilting on this one and the icy blue background used was so pretty.  Well done!

This was a striking quilt as well.  The volunteer said that this is the quilter's first quilt!  It was professionally long armed, but the layout was gorgeous and the back was as pretty as the front (but I didn't get that picture - sorry!)

Isn't this cat adorable!  I love it - I think I'd like to try to make one like this with my cat!

No, I didn't accidentally put this photo upside down!  The quilter who made this informed me that it had been hung upside down, so I turned ir on purpose!  I really liked this modern quilt design, and the quilting was perfect for it!  Very inspirational!

And last, but not least - a Baby Jane!  It was very pretty, and nicely quilted as well.  I wasn't able to get a closer shot, but I really enjoyed seeing it!  

It was a fun show, a great weekend and now we are home again.  I am refreshed and inspired for new projects!  I hope your weekend was pleasant, and that it included quilting in some form!


Quilting Gail said...

Thank you very much for giving us a glimpse of the quilt show! Beautiful quilts!

teachpany said...

Great inspiration. I especially liked the first sampler with the varied sashing units to make the blocks the same size. Very creative. The sampler with the large star in the center, and applique, too. I have a few sampler blocks that need a setting, so these caught my eye. Thanks for sharing.

Shirley said...

Thanks for the eye candy this morning...great to see some lovely applique handwork still being done. The quilting motifs are becoming more and more ingenious and intricate.