Thursday, January 19, 2023

Hoping for a Nothing But Sewing Day!

 It seems like these first couple weeks of the month have been filled with lots of interruptions and distractions from what I really want to be doing!  So, I was hoping to be able to spend today in my sewing room happily stitching away the hours. (and I did!) I did manage to finish the top for my Chilhowie quilt over the last weekend!

Here is 1/4 of it!  I guess now I'll set it aside until it comes up in the rotation for quilting!  Speaking of quilting, I finally got the shop sample for my Fast Lane pattern quilted!  I used Hobbs premium silk batting in this one, and I love how soft it is!  It quilted up so nicely, too.  I used a swirl hook on this one and used Aurifil 50 wt Light Delft blue.  

I've been wanting to make a quilt with these M&S aboriginal fabrics forever, so I am delighted that it came out so well!  I like all the different prints so much it was hard to choose just four of them for this quilt.  I'll be making up some kits for this when I work this weekend.

Today I did some work on my February Island Batik Ambassador challenge!  I'm loving this fabric line!  It is River Walk by Jean Wells for Island Batik - and it's gorgeous.  Can't wait to show you what I'm making with it!

That's about if for the week so far - I had to do grandma duty yesterday when her mom had jury duty - we had a fun time!  It's amazing how much energy 2-year-olds have!  I slept good last night for sure!  Looking forward to another day of sewing tomorrow - and I should spend a little more time straightening up as well, things keep getting piled up faster than I can organize and put them away.  I guess because the sewing is more fun than the cleaning!

I've been meaning to start participating more in link-ups with other blogs, so am linking up with Denise today! 


Kathleen said...

I love the quilt with the aboriginal fabrics. It is gorgeous. That stack of little packets will be beautiful, too, when you get it together.

Turid said...

This pattern from Bonnie is great. Your version is beautiful. I've still some borders left to make.