Thursday, March 17, 2022

 I'm not sure if I'm getting lazy, or if I just haven't had much to blog about lately! I went through my pictures to see which was the case....

Though this does look like a quilt, it's actually a Jigsaw Puzzle.  This one is a doozy - it's Lost in a Jigsaw, and it's not just a puzzle, it's a maze!  Each of those small diamonds need to be assembled before you can complete the puzzle.  There's only one solution, but all the pieces are interchangable and you don't have a picture to go by.  It was quite challenging and addictive!  When I go to my mom's house in April we are going to swap, she has the second version of the puzzle so we are going to swap!

I'm working on a new shop sample.  Not my own design, it's a Villa Rosa design.  Love this panel!

I am currently working on machine quilting my UFO for March!  Wonder where I put the binding fabric for this?

I repaired this quilt, replacing a ring of patches that had totally disintegrated.  (The light purple print are the new patches)  Such a lovely old quilt, soft and cuddly!


And I finished the last of the blocks for my Farmer's Wife quilt!  Here is how big 110 blocks are stacked up!  I hope to sew these into a top in April - but it will depend on which number is drawn for the April UFO.  One step at a time, right?

So I guess maybe I've just been a bit lazy...seems like I've actually done quite a bit the last couple of weeks!  I'll try to do better and not get so far behind in the future!  

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