Saturday, March 26, 2022

A fun quilt for a little boy!

 I don't often quilt for hire, but this month I had a fun commission.  This quilt just needed some simple quilting, and I was happy to oblige.

It's a fun quilt for a boy!  It features John Deere tractor fabric, and lots of yellow and green fabric.  I enjoyed the way she added disappearing nine patch blocks around the log cabin section to make the quilt large enough to fit a twin bed.  I did a meander around it in a medium green aurifil thread.  The funny thing is that I decided I needed to purchase some new spools of green as I didn't have much of a selection.  After looking at the thread card and picking out three colors, I found that I actually did have one of my top picks!  I went ahead and ordered some other greens anyone, just so I could round out my collection a bit!

That's two quilts finished this week, what to work on next?  Hmmm.....

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Quilting Gail said...

Great finish, Pamela!!!