Friday, June 18, 2021

June Mini Madness 2021 - Block 19

 Today's block is another easy one! Flying Geese features, you guessed it - more flying geese units!


For 4 inch block, cut four 1 ½ x 2 ½ inch rectangles of medium, eight 1 ½ inch squares of dark and two 1 ½ x 4 ½ inch rectangles of background fabric.

For 6 inch block, cut four 2 x 3 ½ inch rectangles of medium, eight 2 inch squares of dark and two 2 x 6 ½ inch rectangles of background fabric.

Since I'm working with a scrappy set of fabric, I thought I would show you my experience with trying to get good contrast for this block.  I originally picked these two fabrics for my block:

I really liked the way they looked together, but I was concerned about if the piecing would show up - for the smaller blocks, value is really important to make your piecing show up!  So I took a picture with my cell phone camera using the noir filter - it makes your picture a black and white version.

When I looked at it this way I knew that it would not make a nice block because there is just not enough contrast.  So I picked a different fabric, and took a picture of it.  Much better!

So, I did the cutting for my block, knowing that the piecing would look nice and crisp.

This block uses four flying geese, made the same way as yesterday's block.  

Add the squares to one side of the rectangles, then the other.

Now you'll sew them all in a row.  

And add the background strips to the sides.  Easy, peasy!

Looking good!  Glad I went with my second choice for the flying geese in this block.  Have a wonderful day!

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