Tuesday, June 15, 2021

June Mini Madness 2021 - Block 15

You are halfway done after this block!  Doesn't it seem like June is flying by?  I love this design, it is called Windmill.  For this block, I'll tell you about another way you can make half square triangles.  


For 4 inch block, cut two 1 7/8 squares each light and dark and four 1 7/8 inch squares of background (cut in half diagonally).  Cut eight 1 ½ inch squares background.

For 6 inch block, cut two 2 3/8 squares each light and dark and four 2 3/8 squares of background (cut in half diagonally).  Cut eight 2 inch squares background.

I chose to cut the dark fabrics from a 2 inch strip using the Folded Corner Trimmer.  There are a variety of these available and they are great for cutting triangles out of strips.  I think I would like to try the Creative Grids version because I'm a fan of their nonslip qualities!  

For the light fabric I cut squares (1 7/8 for the four inch blocks and 2 3/8 for the six inch version)  You can also round this cut up and trim up your blocks after sewing.  Draw a line diagonally across the background squares and sew 1/4 from each side of the line.

The diagonal seam tape makes it easy to sew an accurate quarter inch, line up your center line and point on the 1/4 inch mark and just sew your seams.

Cut triangles apart on the drawn line and press seams to the dark side.  These units should measure 1 1/2 (2) inches at this point. Cut off dog ears, and trim to correct size if you have rounded up your cutting measurement.

More options!  You can sew this block by making four identical corner units.

You can sew the center pinwheel first, then sew the background squares together to make the sides and assemble as an uneven nine patch.  Or, you can simply lay the whole block out and assemble in rows.

I chose to sew mine in quarters.  Press seams away from triangles for the vertical seam, and press the horizontal seam toward the center.

I'm very happy with these points!

Sew together to make your block - see how the seams all nest nicely?  This really helps you to get those nice sharp points!

Thanks for sewing along with me, congratulations if you are keeping up!  See you tomorrow as we start the second half of June Mini Madness 2021!


Turid said...

Thank you Pamela, I'll take this tomorrow. It's late here in Norway.

For the love of geese said...

These have all been great blocks and I just know the finish will be awesome.