Sunday, June 13, 2021

June Mini Madness 2021 - Block 14

 Are you ready for a block with no flip and sew?  Today we'll be making some traditional triangles for our block!  I cut my triangles from the same size strips as the squares using a folded corner trimmer ruler.  If you have that or an easy angle ruler, you could do the same - or follow the instructions to cut squares and cut in half diagonally.


For 4 inch block, cut two 1 ½ inch squares dark, four 1 ½ inch squares medium and six 1 ½ inch squares background.   Cut two 1 7/8 inch squares each of dark and background (cut in half diagonally).

For 6 inch block, cut four 2 inch squares dark, four 2 inch squares medium and six 2 inch squares background.   Cut 2 3/8 inch squares each of dark and background (cut in half diagonally).

Since I already had a 2 inch strip cut of my dark fabric, I used the Folded Corner Trimmer to cut my triangles.  I layered the dark fabric with the background fabric and cut both layers at once.  

The first step is to sew the triangles - just four of them, so that's not a big job at all!

Next, sew the triangles with a dark and background square to make two corner units.

Sew medium and background squares together to make two four patch units.

Arrange as shown - make sure the medium squares form a diagonal line and the dark squares are out at the corners.

Now some them all together to make the Road to Oklahoma block!

See you tomorrow with block number 15 - the halfway point!

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