Saturday, January 09, 2021

Project Quilting Challenge one for 2021

I almost forgot that this week was a challenge week for Project Quilting!  Yesterday, I realized that I hadn't even thought about what I wanted to make - but at least I knew that I had some yellow Island Batik in the form of Stash Builder Rolls and solid gray so I was set for fabric.  (I received these fabrics as part of the Island Batik Ambassador program in 2020)

I decided that I didn't have enough mental energy to actually design anything, so I decided to just make a lot of half square triangles and see where my muse would take me.  It was fun just to do some simple sewing, and these were super simple, I just sewed a quarter of an inch all the way around a pair of yellow and gray 5 inch squares, then cut in half diagonally both ways.
I even figured out that I could stack three of them and cut them even faster!  This method makes quick half square triangles, but they do have the bias on the outside, so you have to be a little careful with them.
Trimming off all the corner triangles took a bit of time, though!  No shortcuts for that step!

Then I just laid them all out randomly with all the gray triangles pointing one way.  I made sure to space out the darker yellow triangles, but didn't worry too much about all the rest.

I ended up liking this layout so much that I just started sewing them together!  The little mini clips sure come in handy for this!

It's amazing how much smaller the rows are after sewing together!  

It didn't take very long to finish sewing the rows to each other and have a top ready for quilting!  I layered it up using some of the Hobbs fusible batting.  I am really enjoying using this product and love not having to deal with pins!  I received a queen size package of this in my second Island Batik Ambassador Box in 2020, really good stuff!

I quilted it with a swirl using a bright yellow Aurifil thread in 50 weight, I love the fun soft texture contrasting with the graphic nature of the triangles!

I used more of the solid gray for the back.  See how nice and flat it is?  That fusible batting is good stuff!

I hurried outside to grab some good pictures before the sun went down!  I really lucked out that it was a dry day today and I could lay it out on the patio.

I made the binding half and half from the remaining half of the lighter yellow strips.  I had just enough!  My quilt finishes at 21 1/2 inches square and was made in Coos Bay, OR!

I'm very happy with this quilt, especially considering that I made it in an afternoon with no plan in mind at all!  Hop over to Kim's Blog to see the rest of the entries for this week's challenge, they are just fabulous!

I'm also a sponsor this year, so I'll try to be better about reminding you to make a quilt for the next challenge!  


The Joyful Quilter said...

Let's hear it for designing by the seat of your pants, Pamela!! It worked SEW well for you. That sweet HST quilt proves it! :o))

Kathy E. said...

Don't you just love when a lazy idea turns into something so wonderful? I need to remember your technique to make HSTs when I need them in larger numbers. Your swirly quilting is so pretty and perfect for this fun quilt!
Also, thanks for being a sponsor of this year's Project Quilting!

Sally said...

Love this Pamela...You really cranked out the HST to create a wonderful project!

Danette said...

Such a wonderful quilt!

Kathleen said...

What a great quilt! That's a lot of triangles.

PersimonDreams said...

It's beautiful! The quilting is also on point! Thanks for joining in again AND sponsoring again! You rock!