Thursday, January 14, 2021

Out with the old, in with the clean!

 This week has mostly been spent putting away Christmas and cleaning!  I did manage to finish a custom order for two pillow shams to go with the Stepping Stones Sampler quilt which is off to a loving home.  

I'm always a little sad to sell one of my favorites, and this one was lovely in my guest room, but since we were forced to remodel that room due to last year's roof leak it no longer had a purpose, and had never been used.  I am so glad that someone will use and love the quilt, and I got to use some of the leftover bits to make the pillow shams. 

Here's that rascal, Scamper telling me that he doesn't want the tree to go away!  So sorry, Scamp - it will be back next year for you to lay under!  Now I just need to go tidy up my sewing room and I'll be ready for all the new projects that are on my list.  

Next week I get to show you what came in the first Island Batik Ambassador box of 2021!  Can't wait!


Quilting Gail said...

Very pretty shams!!!

QuiltGranma said...

Awe, that sweet Scamper, did kitty climb the tree? I have seen so many cute pictures of kitties doing that. I am sure that is a soft place to be, in spite of the metal connections.