Friday, January 01, 2021

One Monthly Goal for January 2021

Happy New Year!  I'm always excited to start a new year and want to make lots of plans and resolutions, but this year I feel a little behind. Maybe it's good not to pile a lot of expectations right at the beginning of the year?  Anyway, last year I decided to choose my montly UFO projects as my One Monthly Goal for each month, but this year I am going to switch it up and set another project as that goal - yes, I will still have a UFO that I'll be working on each month but I want to really challenge myself to finding another project to work on each month in addition to those.

This Sloth quilt was a Christmas present I promised to my son in law in 2018 - time to get it done and gifted!  His birthday is in February, so my goal is to get the top completed by the end of the month, which will give me time to quilt it before gifting it to him as a finished quilt.  And now that I've set this as a goal, I'm pretty excited to get started on it again!

I'll probably spend some time in my sewing room today, just cleaning up and catching up on a few small things - maybe I'll try to set some goals for the year, but maybe not...we'll see!

Oh - and it was so wonderful sleeping under my Dear Jane quilt last night!  The wool batting was just the right warmth, so I am really happy with it.  It feels a little odd that I have this long term quilt finished, but I'm excited about the new projects I'll be working on this year.  

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Wishing you a good New Year's Day, too!  


Ivani said...

What a cute quilt!
Happy and safe New Year

Lori said...

Happy New Year and good luck on your goals. I am getting my monthly goals put together. I find if I also write out my weekly goals for my monthly goals I get more done. LOL This is an adorable quilt. Do you remember where you got the pattern. My husband would love this.
quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

Becky said...

Cute quilt!

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said...

That is a lovely quilt and your SIL will love it. Good luck on your goals for the year.

Helen Anne said...

That's a very cute quilt. Good luck finishing it and working through those UFOs. I'm convinced they breed when I'm not looking.

Quilting Gail said...

The sloth is CUTE!!! It'll be fun to see it come to completion!

And I'm glad you enjoyed sleeping under your Dear Jane! That quilt is a LOT of work and it was fun to watch your progress.

Happy Quilting! :-)

Kathleen said...

The sloth is adorable and what fun that you slept under Dear Jane. OMG is always a good thing.

Marly said...

Good luck finishing the sloth in time. Will it be your first finish this year?

Kirsten said...

Love the sloth. Such a fun quilt.