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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

OMG for March - Perry's Horse Quilt, is finished!

I was excited to have the number for this project drawn for the APQ UFO Challenge, so I knew this would have to become my OMG as well.  After all, it's my husband's birthday month, and this quilt was definitely planned to be for him.  

Wallhanging quilt with pieced borders
I started off with this wallhanging size quilt - too small for snuggling under, but a good start for a larger project.  I also had a nice pile of coordinating fabric, plus two more of the center panel which I had originally planned to use as pillow cases.  After switching from the original plan of making larger log cabin blocks, which didn't excite me, I went with the idea of making variable star blocks - much more fun and pleasurable!  I used the extra panels to cut the centers and used various scraps for the stars and backgrounds.

Variable Star Block with cowboy print in the center
There was a lot of  blue sky that I could use for some of the backgrounds, too!  My husband's favorite color is blue, so that was perfect for his quilt.

Variable Star quilt block with mountains in the center

Some of the blocks were mountains, and some were trees.
Variable Star Quilt Block with Tree print in the center
And by the last block, all I had left of the panel was a small piece that I had to add borders to make a center with!  I was glad that it worked out so well!

Variable Star Quilt Block with a bordered cowboy print in the center

I had to add some spacing strips to make the math come out for the borders, but it looks awesome!  I used a poly batting on this quilt, and did loop the loops for the quilting.  He likes a fluffy, cozy quilt, so I didn't want to quilt it too densely.

Wall Hanging size quilt after adding variable star border to make a large lap quilt
Such a great looking quilt for a guy!  He was surprised to get it, and loves the colors and the theme!
Closeup of Variable Star Blocks in lower left corner of quilt
I think the stars were the perfect way to border the panel.  I'm glad that I sat myself down and thought about why I hadn't finished this project before.  Once I figured out that I didn't like the idea of making log cabin blocks, it was totally a joy to get this finished!
Angled shot of center of quilt showing meander quilting
This quilt ended up being 65 x 77.  Plenty big enough to cover up in while laying on the sofa in the evening!
A larger look at the quilt, showing the 18 Variable star blocks around the center

The binding is a coordinating print with a southwestern design to it (the same one in the first border around the panel.  I was wondering if it would work all right for the binding, and I am happy with the results.  I found the perfect backing on sale at Connecting Threads!  I was glad that it arrived in time for me to finish this before the birthday celebration.  That's the one thing I usually have to purchase because I don't keep a lot of backing fabric around, and I like to find a good deal for them.  

A photograph showing the back of the quilt and the binding
Thanks to Patty for helping keep me and so many others motivated for these finishes throughout the year!  I'm loving her finish this month - check it out!

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Sunday, January 31, 2021

First OMG finish for 2021!

 I'm down to the wire, but happy to report that I finished my OMG for January!  I wisely decided to set my goal as to just get the top done for the sloth quilt, and I did manage to do that, just barely.

I enlarged the sashing and borders to make this quilt large enough.  These blocks are 24 inches square, so it didn't overwhelm them at all!

At 80 inches square it's a bit of a challenge to photograph!  I think it will be a good size for my over 6 foot tall son in law!

Way too big for my design wall!  Now, I just need to find the right backing and I can get this project totally finished!  They really are super cute.  I just might have to make one for the baby, just for the fun of it.  We'll see!  Thanks to Patty for her monthly link ups to encourage this productivity...

Friday, January 01, 2021

One Monthly Goal for January 2021

Happy New Year!  I'm always excited to start a new year and want to make lots of plans and resolutions, but this year I feel a little behind. Maybe it's good not to pile a lot of expectations right at the beginning of the year?  Anyway, last year I decided to choose my montly UFO projects as my One Monthly Goal for each month, but this year I am going to switch it up and set another project as that goal - yes, I will still have a UFO that I'll be working on each month but I want to really challenge myself to finding another project to work on each month in addition to those.

This Sloth quilt was a Christmas present I promised to my son in law in 2018 - time to get it done and gifted!  His birthday is in February, so my goal is to get the top completed by the end of the month, which will give me time to quilt it before gifting it to him as a finished quilt.  And now that I've set this as a goal, I'm pretty excited to get started on it again!

I'll probably spend some time in my sewing room today, just cleaning up and catching up on a few small things - maybe I'll try to set some goals for the year, but maybe not...we'll see!

Oh - and it was so wonderful sleeping under my Dear Jane quilt last night!  The wool batting was just the right warmth, so I am really happy with it.  It feels a little odd that I have this long term quilt finished, but I'm excited about the new projects I'll be working on this year.  

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Wishing you a good New Year's Day, too!  

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Enjoying a couple days of nothing but sewing!

After a couple of very busy weeks, I've been enjoying some time just sewing at whatever I feel like working on.  It was really fun, and I'm looking forward to more of the same this afternoon.  I made good progress on a secret project for August - you are going to love it! Here's what I've got so far (sorry for the black and white, but I want to wait until the reveal to show you the lovely Island Batik fabrics)

 I almost finished up the pieced borders for the Brothers and Sisters quilt, sewed two sides on, and got them quilted.  I am closing in on being able to cross this one off my list!  I need to make some corner blocks and figure out how to work that corner part, then add the end pieced border.  I think there just might have to be a partial strip because of the size of the small border there.  Then three solid borders and I'm done!

I also started sewing a new shop sample.  This is my Tidepools pattern.  The fabrics are Marabella by Free Spirit fabrics.  This literally came home with me right off the cutting table as soon as it came into the shop - so pretty!  I've got one more set of flying geese and the square in a square units to compete before I start making blocks.
I've decided that I want to make this my OMG (one monthly goal) for July.  Pieced, quilted and bound!

I also need to update three patterns with new covers and write one pattern.  That should keep me busy for the month!

Well, I suppose I should go get some sewing done before the day gets away from me.

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Friday, February 01, 2019

Friday Fun...

Today I took a day to relax, since tomorrow I work all day at the quilt shop and I've been working hard all week!  I had so much fun making Jen's Color challenge block for January that I decided to get ahead of the game and get the block done for February right away.  Some lovely pinks from my Island Batik stash!

Then I made a pink ribbon block to mail to a friend  (more Island Batik fabric):

I also added the pieced side borders to the Brothers and Sisters quilt I am working on.  Those borders are making me crazy!  The units are slightly different on each end, so have to go together in the right direction and every once in a while I find one that is upside down.  Grrr.  No pictures of that, but I hope to get the borders finished by Monday, so I'll have to show you later.

Then I started thinking about what I need to get finished in February.  Brothers and Sisters is due to be done, so it gets to go to the top of my list and I am choosing this for my OMG (One Monthly Goal)  Other than that, the Island Batik Ambassador challenge this month is Magnificent Minis, so I get to make a mini quilt!  I have a Grinch Panel to quilt, so that will be fun.  I should finish a Nine by Nine quilt for a shop sample.  And there's that wedding dress to sew a bazillion buttons on...time to get that project finished up for sure! 

I'm also participating in a fun blog hop this month, hosted by Bea of BeaQuilter - the Dust off a Quilt Book Blog hop  I've been having a blast going through books to pick out a project to make!

Frankly, I think that's enough to keep me busy for a short month like February!  Luckily no big home improvement projects are slated for this month, so I'll get plenty of sewing time.

Hope your month is off to a lovely start!  Tomorrow night I'll post the winner of my giveaway for the Getaway Blog hop...good luck!

Monday, February 05, 2018

Goals for February

I have a long list of things I want to get done this month, but really, my biggest goal is to finish two more rows for my Crazy Jane Quilt.  I started out in January be sewing my completed rows together and finishing two more rows - F and G.
This month my goal is to complete Rows H and I.  I believe I have 9 blocks to make for Row H and the same for Row I, so that's about 18 blocks this month.  February is a short month, so I really need to get going on it!

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal.

Elm Street Quilts

In January I prepped the last several blocks at one time, so I think I will start taking the same approach, prepping 4 or 5 blocks for one week so that when I have free time I don't have to do as much thinking and am just able to sew.

I am totally in love with how it is coming out, and can't wait to see how the whole thing comes together!  I am leaning toward machine quilting it right now, but haven't ruled out hand quilting by any means.

As for the rest of the month, I have two custom quilts to finish, and several shop samples as well as a challenge for Island Batik.  So I'll have my hands full and the sewing machine will be busy.  Sounds good to me, I'm happy to back in a productive groove with plenty of things to blog about!

Hope you are staying busy and happy as well.