Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Whoops! Day 7 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

 Well, it looks like I fell off the wagon for the challenge already!  Yesterday was a bit busy and a really trying day as well.  I've had to adjust my expectations for what I can accomplish and not be so hard on myself - which is a good lesson to learn!

I am definitely working on my Mini Madness project, but since it's definitely still a work in progress, I am not going to do a December Quilt along like I had planned.  Instead I will offer you the complete pattern on Monday Dec 21 when I shall show you the finished results.  My December is just too crazy this year, and though doing a Quilt along would have been fun, it would also have been way too stressful for me.  

Yesterday was basting day, and I made an attempt to get my Dear Jane basted.  I purchased 90 inch wide white muslin for my backing and washed it.  Well, after washing it's about 83 inches wide, which means I ended up having to piece the backing after all.  Bummer.  I was also struggling with the batting, so it ended up all getting folded in the corner for a time out.  Maybe I'll get it done today, and maybe I'll work on something else...we'll see!

I did finally find my tree skirt and the rest of my Christmas quilts, so hurray for that!  Last year was crazy with the roof leak, so this year I plan to clean out my attic and store things in a more organized manner after the holidays!  A little clean up today and I'm calling the decorating finished.  

Make sure you manage your stress this holiday season!  If that means changing plans, or cutting some things out, don't feel badly - we need to take care of ourselves.  Take time to just sit and enjoy instead of making yourself crazy doing all the time - you will be the better for it!  This is from someone who is just figuring it out!

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