Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Finishing up the Stepping Stones Sampler Quilt! Adding borders and cornerstones

 Congratulations for making it through the Steppig Stones Quilt Along!  This month we'll add the borders and cornerstones and your quilt will be complete!

You will need to piece the strips for the borders.  I prefer to use a straight seam for this, but some people prefer to use a diagonal seam.  This is definitely personal choice, but my instructions use straight seam piecing.  
You can also choose whether you want to add cornerstones to both inner and outer borders, or just to the outer border (or neither!).  After doing your math (there's a chart in the directions) cut your inner border top and bottom to size.  I highly recommend matching the center of the border strip to the center of the quilt and pinning, then add pins about every 12 inches to keep your border nice and flat.  Press the seams out toward the borders.  Then add your side borders in the same manner.  If using cornerstones, match seams.

Continue to add the outer borders in the same manner, and your quilt top will be finished!

Nowyou get to decide how you want to finish your quilt with quilting!  The enchanted forest quilt was done in an overall pattern on a long arm machine:

My first version of this quilt is quilted in an overall pattern on my domestc machine:

The retro bright version I made was custom quilted on my domestic machine:

And I am currently hand quilting my version with cat and sewing prints with wool batting!  Can't wait to put this on my bed when it's done!
Download Border Instructions

However you choose to finish your quilt, I hope you love it!  Thanks again for stitching along with me!  

For 2021 I am going to revisit my Quilter's Recipe Box Quilt along, changing it up a bit, of course.  Each month we will explore one block unit and I'll show you four different blocks that can be made with that unit.  Stay tuned for more info!  And tomorrow I'll be starting another mini project - can't wait to share that with you.  I'm ready for some more Mini Madness! 

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