Sunday, November 29, 2020

Finally Finished!!! OMG and UFO in 2020 report for November

 After sixteen long years of working on this project on and off, I can proudly say that the top is completed!

It is about 81 1/2 inches square at this point - hard to get a picture of the whole thing!  The grass is damp, so I didn't want to take it outside, and just pushed the dining room table aside to get some pictures of it laid out!

Sew exciting!  Of course, in true "Crazy Jane" fashion there was a bump - or maybe even a crash.  As I was taking pictures, I noticed a slight problem.  Turns out that I managed to get my borders on wrong.  They were 1/4 turn counter clockwise off.  OH NO!!! Insert your choice of bad words here....
I considered leaving them as is for a short time, but there are just a few directional blocks in my center, and in order for those to be right side up it would put my signature block on the top right of my quilt, and my signature would be upside down!  This is a quilt I am thinking of entering in a show or two, even if it's just my local quilt show because I don't know if I want to let it too far out of my sight.
So, I spent an hour taking the borders off again, and another hour sewing them on in the correct orientation.  What's another 1 1/2 hours compared to all the hours of piecing in this project?  There are 4 1/2 inch blocks in this quilt that took longer than that to piece!

Here is more information about "Dear Jane" for you if you are interested in how the craze began!  Many copies of the original quilt have been made, and it is for sure quite the journey.  I would love to go see the original quilt above in person someday!
The next step is to add strips to the outside so that I can mark out the scallops for the outside edge for quilting!  I'm going to machine quilt this because I plan on finishing it this year and if I hand quilt it, I would probably spend 10 more years on it!  I'm going to use white muslin for the back and wool batting to add definition to the quilting.  Can't wait to get started on it!

So that wraps up my One Monthly Goal for this month!  I finished my Lone Starburst UFO which was part one of my goal and got the Dear Jane top finished, which was part two!  Onwards with December - so far I've hit all my goals for the year, which is fabulous - I'm getting out my planner next month to set some goals in finishing up those UFO's for next year, which will put me pretty close to getting them all finished up!  Yay!

Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal November Finish Link-Up

I also want to finish this post with my Quilting PHD in 2020 report.  

I have 4 quilts to finish this month to achieve success in completing my PHD in 2020!  So I guess it is final exam time, and I'll be working on wrapping up Dear Jane, which I think is as close to a Thesis as you can get in the quilting world!  Even though the holiday season is pretty much up in the air, I know that I can look forward to plenty of time doing what I love, so I'm just trying to focus on that and know that this is just one season in our lives.  Yes, things will change, but they always do. I chose to live my life in a positive light and hope I can share that with you.  Let's make December joyful as we celebrate, whether it is alone, or with family!

Looking for a challenge next month to help pass some time?  Join me for my Winter Mini Madness Medallion project!  (Details being posted soon!)

Linking up with Cynthi for Oh Scrap - Dear Jane is entirely a scrap quilt - and a good example of an inventory quilt as well!



Sylvia@Treadlestitches said...

Wow! Your Dear Jane quilt is absolutely stunning! Definitely equal to a thesis! Congratulations on finishing all this intricate piecing.

Caroline said...

WOW! your quilt is amazing! Congratulations!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Absolutely stunning Pamela! I will definitely visit if you show it. I would love to see it in person.

Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Gorgeous completed quilt and spectacular quilt top!!

Laura said...

Fabulous effort. Such pretty colours.

Gretchen Weaver said...

Congratulations on finishing your Dear Jane flimsy! I've pieced a Dear Jane and I know how much work is involved. Enjoy your quilting, happy stitching!

Shirley said...

I am so proud of you Pam...showing your Crazy Jane to family and it's story. Can't wait to see it...I'm in AWE of you!

Kathy S. said...

Wow! I respect how much work went into this quilt. Congrats on your beautiful OMG finish.

Nann said...

Congratulations!!! It is a beauty.

Patty said...

Wowza! This is amazing! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

Emily said...

WOW! It looks fabulous! And I agree, absolutely a quilt thesis :) Love that idea!

Quilting Gail said...

Your Dear (Crazy) Jane is looking sooooo good!!! I'm looking forward to seeing it all quilted.
And you never know ... your PHD supervisor might give you special honours for finishing such a thesis!!!
Good luck with achieving your PHD!
Thanks for linking up to PHD in 2020!!!