Monday, December 28, 2020

Dear Jane - Quilting Column 13

 Woohoo!  I got the quilting finished on Dear Jane yesterday!

So exciting! 

I was almost a little sad to finish, but excited to complete the journey at the same time!

I do have threads to clean up, of course!  I'll do a lot of that during the binding process.

The final corner!

I'm using an idea from my friend, Erika, and wound my binding around a can of tomatoes!  I'll let you know how it works for me - I'm usually lazy and just let it puddle on the floor, but I thought with the bias and all the scallops that it might be good to have a little extra control this time.

I also finished this quilt yesterday (with the help of my daughter!)  1500 pieces!  It's so lovely I want to keep it together!  Definitely a fun change of pace - and a relaxing project for the weekend.  Now it's on to getting ready for the New Year, making my UFO list and thinking about what I want to accomplish.  Less stress and more fun are on my list for sure!

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