Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Dear Jane - Machine Stitching the binding!

 Yesterday was a huge milestone in my Jane journey - the binding is attached to the quilt my machine!  It was a bit of a chore with all those scallops, but I got it done!

I borrowed a tip from my friend, Erika, and wound my finished binding around a can (I believe she uses a can of peas, but I used tomatoes - haha)

Once you do this you can sit your can with the binding strips right where you need it.  Just unroll a couple feet at a time and you are set!  No tangles or getting the binding caught on anything.  This is a really terrific idea!

It was super scary to trim those edges off!  The fluffy wool batting made it a little tricky, too.  

I cut a slit right up to the point between scallops to help in getting the binding around them.  I think there are 16 scallops on each side, then those little petal corners.  It took me a while to get all the way around!

So pretty!  I debated whether to do white or blue binding.  The blue one because white binding always gets dirty.  That's my reasoning anyway!  I handstitched for a couple hours last night and finished one side, but did  get two corners done.  It's going to take a while, so I'm glad I have a few days to get to the finish!


Emily said...

You're so close! I love the blue binding. Using a can of veggies is a great idea! I wind my prepared binding on an empty thread spool, then put it on my machine on the extra spool pin, that works well for me. Next time I have a really big quilt I might try the can method.

Kathleen said...

So fun to see the binding on and blue is absolutely the right choice.

Judy Forkner said...

It’s beautiful and quite an accomplishment!