Friday, August 07, 2020

Progress on my Crazy Jane quilt - Row J is finished!

 I decided that this month was a good one to make some serioys progress on my Dear (Crazy) Jane quilt project.  I haven't been working on it much this year, but it is on my UFO list for the year, so I need to get busy and make a bunch of blocks.

My plan is to try to make a block a day.  After counting up the blocks I have left, I can come pretty close to completing the center by the end of August if I keep up the pace!  

Row J was tough - so many applique blocks!  I learned that it was really not a good idea to save those until the end!
These little teardrops were kind of fun, but the piecing was even more fun!
Not as many melons as the one that had me "blocked" for months!  They all look really good, I'm just not a fan of applique, even though I am perfectly capable of making them.

And it was so gratifying to add another row to my top!  Just three more to go, and if I keep up with my daily block I'll be able to sew row K on next week.  
Yes, more least not curves!
And today, a pieced block with no applique!  Woohoo!  I did have a little trouble recollecting the formula for setting triangles - hopefullynext I'll remember it's the width of the block times 1.41 plus 1.25 bfore I cut them the wrong size to start off with (I divided instead of multiplied...those triangles were too small!).

It's back to appliqe tomorrow, but there are definitely more pieced blocks in the future so I'm happily looking forward to them, and to finishing another row!


Dwbuckie said...

Auriculares job!

Pamela Arbour said...

You are doing a fabulous job on your quilt. I started a Dear Jane, but got frustrated with the small pieces. It is still on my "to do" list but I think it will probably be one of the last ones I do. LOL

Barb Neiwert said...

You deserve 5 Stars for completing this quilt, my goodness! I bought the book, looked it over, and it sits on my shelf, lol. What a keepsake you're creating. Love it!