Tuesday, August 04, 2020

One Montly Goal for August and July PHD in 2020 report

August is here, and it's always a month I enjoy.  I'm celebrating a milestone birthday this year, and even though it's not going to be what I thought it was earlier in the year I am still going to celebrate and make the most of it!  

First of all, my One Monthly Goal for this month is to finish this Lover's Kiss quilt made from an Island Batik Lavendula strip pack and coordinates.  I couldn't resist using this cute bird fabric, even though the fact that it is directional made my task a little more challenging.  I'll post about how I managed to get all the birds right side up when I'm finished with this project.
Did July seem like a super long month to you, too?  I started off with finishing my July Mini Madness -I have two of the three quilts I made finished, and good progress on the third, which I am hand quiting.

I'm using Hobbs Heirloom silk batting on this one, just to see how it hand quilts.  I'm liking it so far!
And this version with 6 inch blocks I did with spiral quilting.  I just love how it came out!  This one has the Hobbs Heirloom cotton batting with scrim.  It has a lovely soft drape to it, and feels so cozy!

I finished this shop sample for Threads That Bind.  I love the floral stripe in this quilt!
I made a custom sewing machine cover for a friend.
Made two custom mug rugs for a customer on Etsy
Finished my UFO challenge (and July OMG)
I also finished my Island Batik Ambassador challenge for July.
And added the final hand quilting stitches to a quilt for a friend!  Now I can get back to that June Mini Madness quilt, then a quilt for my own bed that I want to hand quilt.  

So a productive month of stitching - here's my chart so you can see how it's all adding up:

So I did lots of stitching in July.  My friend was wondering how many miles of thread I've used over the years in quilting, and I know it's been a lot, can't even hazard a guess to that number!  

I'm planning lots of fun sewing in August as well - I'm going to start a project just for me - I have Paris panels to make a One Block Wonder, and I'm going to start that this month.  I don't know if I'll finish this month, but it will be a fun project that will be just for me, so I'm looking forward to that!  Here are the links to follow along and see what other projects people are working on this month/finished last month!


Kathleen said...

You are closing in on that PhD with time to spare. Good luck on this month’s goals.

Susie H said...

You've made great progress and have some lovely projects to work on this month.

Emily said...

Wow, that was a productive July! Looking forward to seeing your quilt in Lavendula--love those fabrics!

Patty said...

Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.