Thursday, July 09, 2020

Crazy Jane Update - blocks done in May

I can't remember if I posted these blocks yet or not, but was cleaning out my downloads file and spotted them.  Yes, Crazy Jane is on my list for this year, and I am still aiming to get her finished!  This is the block I was stuck on for way to long.  I ended up machine piecing it, and it came out really well.
Then I got the next one done, just a few tiny appliques.  Not bad at all!
And I enjoyed finding a lighthouse to fussy cut for the center of this one.  With even tinier appliqued melons!
The next block has a whole lot of applique.  I just need to prep it, then I'll get it's the thinking about it phase that gets me stuck every time.  

I've been working on some other sewing projects this week, but am looking forward to my weekend quilting.  I plan on getting busy with my UFO for the month, quilting a shop sample, and some more Jane.  A good reward for getting my work done!  Let me tell you, sewing a petticoat for square dancing is pretty boring work, and I'll deserve a quilting break over the weekend.  What are you working on this week?  

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