Saturday, July 11, 2020

A Detour to a Finished Project

I had intended to do some quilting today, but a project that I took on right before this Corona Virus situation ended up becoming a priority.  I kept moving the fabric around in my sewing room, and it was making me feel guilty for not getting it finished sooner.  Thursday I decided to at least get started on it.

This is a silver square dance petticoat.  My friend bought many yards of silver satin, and organza to make this.  The outer layer has 5 layers of ruffles, and the inner layer has six.  Each layer has a rolled hem done on the overlock machine, except the lowest layer which has two!  And the lower layers are each about 30 yards long!  

After working on it several hours the first day I had almost all the lower layer ruffled and sewn together.  Friday afternoon I got started on the satin layer.  Since this project was super messy with all the dust and shreds from the serger I decided to finish it up today instead of working on one of my planned projects this weekend.

What a lot of work, but I'm sure my friend will be delighted with her one of a kind custom petticoat.  Hopefully she'll be able to get some use out of it soon...but at least I won't have to feel guilty about shuffling this project around any more!  Tomorrow there will be quilting for sure, as soon as I finish re-organizing my sewing room a bit!

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Shirley said...

That square dance skirt/petticoat is a labor of are a special person Pam!