Sunday, May 31, 2020

Stepping Stones Quilt Along - Lesson 5, Square in a Square

I'm getting a little bit of early start on this post since I'm also doing a 30 day June Mini Madness Quilt Along and starting that tomorrow morning!  What can I say, I'm feeling a bit restless and crazy so came up with a project for us to get our crazies out in a healthy and fun way.  Anyway, I'll get this post up tonight, then first thing Monday I'll get Mini Madness going!

How was May for you?  Truthfully it was a roller coaster of emotion for me, and I struggled a bit.  Things opening, but everything cancelled.  So much uncertainty.  Still making masks.  Starting back to work at the Quilt shop.  It's surreal and strange, yet time keeps passing and I NEED to be sewing something fun!

This month, you'll be doing lots of sewing - at the end of this month you will have 8 more blocks for your quilt and will be past the half way point for the quilt!  It's not difficult sewing, but lots of repetition.  I give you two different options for making this block.  You can make this block using a stitch and flip technique, or make it in the traditional method of cutting squares and triangles to fit.

I couldn't find any pictures of my construction of this block and had to do some retracing of my steps to figure out why.  I was working with 1/2 yard cuts of fabric, and you can't cut the number of 6 1/2 inch squares needed from that amount of fabric, so I ended up making my square in a square units the traditional way - thus I didn't have any pictures of how to construct them using the stitch and flip technique.  So I got out my fabric and took some pictures just so you all can see how it's done!

So for each square in a square you will need one 6 1/2 inch square of your contrast fabric and four 3 1/2 inch squares of your background.
Draw a diagonal line on the reverse side of all of your background squares.

Stitch the background squares to the corners of the contrast square - do two diagonal ones first.

 Trim 1/4 inch from the seamline.
 Press the seams out.
 Sew two background squares to the two remaining corners.
Trim corners off 1/4 inch from the seam line

 Press the seams out and you are done!  (If you like you can save those cut off corners and use them for some thing later - they make pretty pinwheels!)
To make these units the traditional way, you will cut the center squares at 4 3/4 inches and cut squares at 3 7/8, then cut in half diagonally for triangles.

 Finger press a crease at the center of the square.
 Do the same for the side triangles.
 Match up the creases to center the triangle on the edge of the square
 Sew a 1/4 inch seam.
 Repeat on the opposite side.
Press triangles out and repeat on the remaining sides
 Measure and trim off the dog ears.

Can you tell which square in a square is which?  And I did make a pinwheel out of my extra pieces :)

Download your instructions by clicking the link below!
Download Lesson Five here!

You will sew two square in a square units to two 6 1/2 squares of your light fabric to complete 12 of these blocks.  (I used 1 square each of 2 similar fabrics for the blocks in my quilt because I was working with 1/2 yard cuts)   I think this will keep you busy for the month of June!  Next month we'll be doing the Dresden plate squares - so we'll be doing some different techniques.  It will be fun!

If you want to join in on my June Mini Madness Quilt Along, see this post and sew along with me!  Since it's a mini, you won't need much fabric and probably have everything you need on hand.  You can find out more by checking out this post:  Shaking off the Doldrums.  I'll be posting a new block every day through the month of June, followed by a finish party over the Fourth of July weekend.  Lots of posting coming up this month - hope you can keep up!

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