Saturday, May 30, 2020

Preparing to make a Mini Quilt part 2

Let's talk a bit about fabric today.  When I am working on a mini quilt, I try to make sure that I am using a fabric that has a nice tight weave and isn't a floppy, fraying mess.  If you have actual yardage, you might want to wash it - I confess that I don't always do this, but it is helpful to avoid having your work spoiled by unexpected shrinking or color transfer later.

If you don't pre-wash your fabric, definitely do give it a good hot pressing with steam before you start working with it.  And a spritz of starch or Best Press will help give your fabric a nice crisp finish and make it easier to work with for cutting and sewing those smaller pieces. 
One thing I missed in my last post - take a few minutes and get the dust bunnies out of your machine! I'm good about doing this while I'm machine quilting because every time I change the bobbin I sweep out the bottom  of the machine, but I don't always do that while I'm doing regular piecing.  Take off your feed dog plate and make sure everything is nice and clean in there.  If you have a plate with a single hole for straight stitching, install that on your machine and it will help prevent it from eating those triangle corners.  We'll talk about seam allowance as we get started - you'll want to be accurate when you sew them so your blocks all come out perfectly sized!

While you are at it, oil your machine if appropriate and give it a nice wipe down to get all the stray fluff and threads.  Now you are ready to tackle some Mini Madness!  Tomorrow I'll have a few instructions for cutting some strips to get ready for sewing, then we'll be ready to start this adventure!


DawnC said...

Hi Pam, I'm having trouble finding the supply list. Please help, I need to get stuff together ❤

Ellirain said...

Going to get my sewing area all tidied up today. I think it is time for a new rotary blade and a sewing machine needle, too, as you mentioned!