Saturday, January 25, 2020

Project Quilting 11.2 - Team Colors

This was a very interesting challenge - and caused me quite a journey down memory lane!  I am not much of a sports lover, so I was challenged from the very beginning and had to really think about what I choose for my team colors.  My first thought was to choose the team colors from Marshfield High, since all 5 girls graduated from there, but as much as I love the purple and gold I just wasn't feeling it for my challenge.  But a Pirate quilt could be fun someday!

Then I started thinking about my own High School - and the Red and White did grab me and I was excited to make a quilt from those.  My original thought was to make a quilt with a bell.  My biggest "team" memory of high school is the annual "Bell Game".  Centennial and Central High schools meet on the football field every year to determine who gets to keep the bell for the year - it's quite a rivalry, in fact the oldest in the nation west of the Mississippi according to this article.  I was going to call my quilt "The Bell Rings Red".  One problem, I never could find a bell pattern that I liked!  So I grabbed some leftover half square triangles, and made this red and white placemat and decided to call it a game.

I used some triangles left over from making table runners.  So I was happy to use some scraps up.
This little quilt measures about 12 x 15 inches.  I did matchstick quilting in the red and stippling in the white.
You can just see a tiny bit of the quilting from the back
It was super fun thinking back to High Scool!  That was a long time ago...and I'm not in touch with anyone I knew back then.  Kind of sad, but when you move half a country away, I guess that's what happens.  There are a few people I do miss, but I haven't had much luck in reconnecting. At any rate, I do have some great memories and maybe someday it will happen.

Make sure you visit the Project Quilting 11.2 challenge page to see all the entries!  Thanks to Kim and Trish for all these great challenges!


Danice G said...

Really original and pretty. I have never seen a bell pattern. Your decision for these HSTs was a great choice.

Kathleen said...

That is a lovely quilt and a fun memory of the big game!

Turid said...

Beautiful quilt and story. And a start for Valentine's.

PersimonDreams said...

This is gorgeous! So eye catching! And also thank you for sponsoring Project QUILTING! You're awesome!