Thursday, December 26, 2019

Day 21 to 26 - Life Happens!

I'm just going to pass on the last 6 days of prompts - Christmas was a lot of fun with family and a trip up North, but it was also a little crazed because we found out that our new roof was leaking as we were about to leave on our trip.  So we have dealt with cleaning up water, part of the ceiling falling in our guest room, and many calls to insurance and roofer.  The roof has been repaired, but we are still waiting on the insurance adjuster so we can started with the interior repairs.  

This wasn't our plan for the holidays, but it is what it is and luckily there wasn't a huge amount of damage done.  Our guest room will have to be redone, and some of my husbands collection of vintage horse racing magazines is damaged, but all in all it could have been much worse.  Imagine if we didn't find out until we came home from our weekend trip!

Things are getting back to normal, so I'll get back with the program tomorrow!  Hope you had a Happy Christmas :)


Shirley said...

OMG Pamela...What did you and the husband do, that Santa would leave such a large lump of coal? How exasperating and frustrating a situation. But your angels were on duty, helping get the process going over the Holidays.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Oh wow, there is never a good time to deal with a leaking roof, but it is especially bad around the holidays. I am glad you were able to see it before you left and that the damage was manageable.