Monday, December 02, 2019

Day 2 - 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

I debated whether I should write a post today or not since I wrote two yesterday - then I decided that in the spirit of the challenge I should go ahead and do it!

Today's prompt is Sewing Space:

I love my sewing room - poor daughter number four (Tracy) came home for Christmas after moving to Portland to stay with her sister and she was sad that her bedroom had been taken over!  I had been waiting patiently to have a room of my own for many years, and didn't hesitate to take it over as soon as she moved out of it.

It's not a very large room, but I like that has a big window that looks out into our back yard.  I also like that it's downstairs, so I'm not always going up and down.  I also love the blue walls with the wood, but I'm ready to paint over the yellow ceiling.  It's cheery, but it also tends to make my pictures come out on the yellow side.  So that's a goal for next year, to get the ceiling painted a nice clean white. 
Lots of fun stuff in here!  Yes, it's definitely my happy place! 

Of course, I've happily sewn on the dining room table or on a desk in my bedroom.  Whether you have a room, or a corner, it's all about making it your creative spot and enjoying it!  You can make wonderful quilts no matter how much space you have.  But I feel very fortunate to have this room all to myself!

I hope that wherever it is that you get to create, that it is indeed your happy place!

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Denise said...

In smaller rooms you don't have to get up to grab something. Either stretch or roll your chair over :). I love the big window you have and even the yellow ceiling. When my son moved out I moved into his room since it had a window.