Sunday, December 01, 2019

Assembly instructions for Seashore Splendor!

At last the day has come to show you how to sew all these fun blocks together!  I hope you don't feel like I threw you out to sea with all those 6 inch flag tell the truth I felt a little overwhelmed by them!  If you haven't finished them yet, I highly recommend putting your finished blocks up on your design wall and making your blocks as you fill in the blank areas.  This helped me immensely, and once I started I was on a roll and didn't want to stop working on it.  So, if you are feeling a little stuck, just get out all the blocks you have done and lay them out, it will help you get inspired!

So...with no further ado - my finished top.  Remember, this is a scrappy version, so there are a lot of different fabrics involved!

I went with a softer look for the filler blocks in the sky, and used more of the color in the bottom half.  I really like it!

The bottom part of the quilt is very easy to piece by sewing sets of blocks together and sewing them in straight lines.

The top part is just a little more difficult, but with partial seam piecing you don't have to do any set in seams - hurray!

Here I've sewn together all the sections and am ready to start sewing them together.  You might notice I've switched some blocks around - I swapped the two sky blocks, Summer Winds and Double Windmills because it looked better with the blocks below them.  As long as you trade blocks that are the same size you are fine, and it won't cause any problems.  My instructions are keyed to go with the illustration, but please feel free to move your blocks as you need to make your quilt look like you want it too.

Partial seam piecing is just like it sounds.  you will just sew part of the seam.  Here's a picture of the first partial seam, between the small wave block and the tugboat.  See how it stops at the halfway point?

Now you can add the unit on the right had side.  

Then the bottom section will be sewn into place.  When this is done you are ready to sew the sections on the left side of the top.

Now for the next partial seam  As you can see, I've sewn just half the seam connecting the red white and blue block to the top of the snail's trail wave block below it.  Now it's easy to sew the entire seam connecting this part with the unit to the left.
Then you can add the section on top.  Don't worry about that partial seam, we'll take care of that after we connect the two sections.  See how you can connect the two sections in two different seams, one from the top to the middle and the other from the middle to the bottom?  Sew each seam, then you'll have a gap in the center of the quilt/
This is the gap between the two partial seams.  Just sew it up with a regular 1/4 each seam and you have the top section completed!  See, that wasn't all that bad (grin).

Gorgeous!  Did you notice that those filler blocks at the bottom right spell QUILT?  I just had to do that.  I chose some yellows that weren't too vibrant so they wouldn't stand out too much, and I really like them!

Now, all you have to do is sew the top to the bottom and your top is done!  Yay!

I've enjoyed admiring it on my design wall all week!  Pat yourself on the back if you have your blocks done and are ready to sew them together - this was quite the journey.  I hope you've learned some new skills, and have had fun sewing along with me.  Make sure you download all your blocks this month, on January 1 I'll be bundling them all together into one paid pattern.

You can download the finishing instructions below - the top finishes at about 60 x 72 inches.

Seashore Splendor Assembly

You can purchase the complete pattern here:  Seashore Splendor


Denise said...

Your quilt turned out beautifully. I have some catching up to do and I will finish it. Thank you so much for the pattern.

Gene Black said...

Oh how I wish I had made this quilt in the QAL. It is delightful.