Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Monday Motivation - Figure out Where to Start

I felt very good about my new schedule last week and felt much more relaxed and productive in my sewing time.  This week I am having to tweak my regular schedule a bit because I am working all day on Friday and Saturday at the quilt shop.  Last week my work at home schedule was Monday, Thursday and Friday.  This left me with "free sewing" time the rest of the week.  This week I will cut my work at home schedule to Monday and Thursday since my quilt shop hours are double what they regularly are.  Since I'm not working on Tuesday and Wednesday that gives me those two days for "free sewing", which actually works out to more time since I don't have to go to the quilt shop those days.  I think it will work out nicely.  It's all pretty much about being flexible and staying on top of my schedule - which I am determined to do with some deadlines coming up real quick!

I was super happy to make great progress on this project - and only have one more print border to add and piece today, plus the shams to finish!  This beauty will be ready to mail off to it's owner in short order, and I am very excited to get it finished.  That last pieced border was tricky, but I just got to work on this on Friday and got it done.  It really was just a matter of getting myself focused and figuring out where to start on getting it done.  It worked out just fine and I found that I was just stressing myself out about nothing at all. 
I got a text from a friend saying that my quilts did well at the fair!  This one was best in division for the Quilt category - it was my Island Batik Ambassador challenge for last October - Needle, Paper and Scissors.  I actually started the hand piecing for this project while I was working at the fair last year, so that was neat!  I'll be picking up the rest of my quilts this week, so I'll write a post with all the details when I have them in hand.
I'm also working on the July challenge.  It's Artsy-Fartsy and includes using varying weights of thread...really fun! 

Hope you have some quilting time on your weekly schedule....if not, add it in, figure out where to start and get going!

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