Wednesday, July 31, 2019

August block for 2019 Color Challenge Quilt

It's great having a simple block to do for the 2019 Color Challenge Quilt this month - and orange is the perfect color for August!  The flower is the Marigold, which is a wonderful staple in our gardens.  Did you know that many insects, as well as foraging deer dislike them?  And they are so colorful!

This block was very fun and easy to make. I love strip piecing, so this block was a piece of cake for me.  If you are new to strip piecing, this is a great way to get the hang of this technique.

This block uses two colors, a red-orange and an orange.  Aren't these lovely?  I've been using Island Batik scraps for my blocks, and these are so gorgeous!

Make sure your seam allowance is right - your pieced sections should perfectly match the solid section.  If they line up just right you are good to go!

I like to chain stitch my units, then lay them out on my cutting board before pressing and trimming.  After you get these done, all you have to do is arrange your squares and sew them together to complete the block.  This one is super fast to make, so no excuses for getting behind in August!

And here is my finished block!

To get the pattern for this block visit Patterns by Jen and join in!

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piecefulwendy said...

You just can't go wrong with Island Batiks for this block -- those colors are fabulous!