Wednesday, June 26, 2019

New fabrics, new projects!

One of my favorite things about working in a quilt shop is shipments of new fabrics arriving.  Between the time we order fabric and the time it arrives is often 6 months or more, so getting those boxes is almost as good as Christmas!  Yesterday we had some lovely Free Spirit fabrics come in, and I'm excited to so something fun with them.  These are Marabella in the Pacific colorway.

Then, there was another box with an order from Riley Blake - and these were fabrics that I ordered myself - so lovely! 
In case you can't tell, that end one is sewing machines, and it has gold accents!  Be still my heart!  Some of this came home with me as well for a small project.  But I do think I will have to have more for my stash before I am done...

I'm currently juggling four different projects, so I spent this afternoon sewing lots of triangles and parallelograms!  The pillow shams for brothers and sisters are almost ready for quilting.
I also have the border parallelograms for the quilt halfway finished.  I really think that the cutting out took almost as long as the sewing for this project, these blocks are 6 inches, so lots of little squares and triangles!

I'm hoping to finish the Fractured Bargello jacket tomorrow - I am reading the fitting tips tonight, and I'm really eager to put the finishing touches on it so I can show you!  It's been fun to work on, and I even have some strips left over to use for something else.  I just can't resist those scraps!  Here's a progress picture - that last strip had to come out because if you look close, I sewed it upside down.  I've found bargello projects to be fun, but keeping yourself straight is definitely tricky!

Stay tuned for the big finish!

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Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Love the brightness of the bargello!