Thursday, May 30, 2019

Daisy Chain Mystery - finally finished!

I have totally fallen off course and gotten behind in all the quilt alongs and mysteries I've been participating in, and I feel really bad about it!  Today I decided to take an afternoon off and see how far I could get in the Daisy Chain Mystery.  I had completed the first two clues - both were four-patches.  The next step (unit C) was something different - ribbon units!  I cut and sewed up all the triangles and finished 20 units in a short time.  Yes, I am using Island Batik fabrics leftover from previous projects.
So it was on to Unit D - border chunks.  They were super fast and easy to make, and I got to use some of those bright fabrics I chose.  I've been avoiding all reveals of the top, so I still didn't know what the finished quilt was going to look like, but I knew we were getting close because we've used most of the pieces that were assigned at this point!
At this point, I am up to the May getting caught up for sure!  This clue was assembling blocks!  Exciting and fun - ribbon units, four patches and plain squares all went together to make 5 pretty chain blocks:
May 20 was the final unit and top reveal!  So onwards I went - the final block used the border chunks and four patches.  Whoops.  I ended up with two greens right next to each other...
It's not really that bad, but since there were only four of the four patch units I decided to remake them and put blue so it would be next to the green instead.
Much better!  Now to sew all the blocks together into a top!  Only 9 blocks, so it wouldn't have taken long except that my machine decided to have a problem.  A piece of thread wrapped around the little flap on the bobbin and bent my needle out of shape and got something out of whack.  I had to clean lint out from under the needle plate, and work on the bobbin for a bit, but eventually I got everything in line and was able to finish up the top!  So cute!

Go check out Alison's reveal post to see her baby version and check out the other finished tops!  You actually could easily make this baby size quilt over the weekend if you want - the link up and quilt parade starts next week, and there are giveaways!!!

I'm really happy I was able to get caught up and now I'm super excited to quilt this because it's so pretty.  I think I'll use my leftover strips to make a rainbow binding.

Linking up with Denise for Put Your Foot Down - I had my petal to the metal today, and it was well worth it!


Alison V. said...

Your quilt top looks awesome! I love that you did all IB scraps for your version.

Denise said...

Wow. I had always avoided pairing bright fabric with a subtle fabric because I was worried it wouldn't look right/balanced. You proved me wrong. The looks great. And thank you so much for linking up with me. come back next week. BTW, I am a little behind and fear you may have the next block released before I piece the tugboat.

Brenda said...

I really like these 2 blocks together! Where is the Daisy Mystery located?

Emily said...

I love these colors! Your version looks great!