Saturday, March 02, 2019

Happy 13th Etsy-versary

Today I am celebrating the opening of my Etsy shop, PamelaQuilts thirteen years ago!  I started out opening my shop just to find a home for some of my excess quilts, and it has grown into so much more than that.  I now sell PDF patterns I have designed as well as quilts and other quilted items.  I am also the captain of a great team of quilters - the Quiltsy Team.  I love the community and support I get from all the lovely quilters on the team.  It really is a big part of my life and I do love being part of this group.

Anyway, back to celebrating!  All regular priced PDF patterns in my shop will be 50% off until March 15th.  Plus small quilts will be 15% off, lap quilts will be 20% off and large quilts will be 25% off! 

And - I am only 8 sales away from 2000!  That means that the person to make that 2000th purchase will get a great prize from me.  You want to see it?

I'm giving away this fun quilt from a pattern by Whole Circle Studio!  I love it, but I made two (the first one used Island Batik fabrics, so I want to keep that), so this one will make a great prize!

Thanks for all your support!


Kelly Dee said...

Happy Etsy-versary! Here's to many more years of creativity and success!

Barb said...

Happy Etsy-versary....and much more success.