Thursday, December 13, 2018

Merry and bright!

I spent a very satisfying morning decorating my Christmas tree - it was quite pleasant to take my time and enjoy looking at and hanging all the pretty ornaments.  I enjoyed remembering many of them - lots of great Christmas memories.  Here is one of my favorites:

We have a whole set of gold ornaments that my mother in law bought for us in 1999.  She passed away this summer, but is still close in our memories, especially this time of year. 

I baked a cake and made soup tonight, so I guess I am ready for Bunco tomorrow!  Can't wait for the fun, my poor cat will have to go hide because he does not like all the noise we make laughing and carrying on over our game.  It sure is fun to get together with friends, and this is a nice time of year to share my home with them.  Plus it forces me to get the decorations up and the house clean for the holidays! 

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Kathleen said...

Your tree looks lovely. The ornaments can be bittersweet sometimes-I'll face my MILs too as I decorate this year. Enjoy your game night - sounds like fun and that you are well prepared!