Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Letting go of the stress!

Another half day at the quilt shop for me today.  We got lots of fabric in today!  That's always fun, sometimes so much time has gone by since we put in our order that we have no clue why we ordered it.  Then I have to go ask google what to do with those fabrics.

The Garden Bright line by Sue Penn is beautiful - and we are excited to have someone make a sample of the Sunshine in the Garden quilt to show it off.   And we got more in from M and S fabrics, too:

We are loving the Aborigine inspired fabrics and are getting quite a collection in.  I haven't made anything with them yet, but I'm sure I will soon.

When I got home I finished up that baby quilt so I could mail it out.  So cute!
Then I went out to the post office, bought groceries, and headed home.  The tree needs to be decorated, and I need to do a little more cleaning up, so I'm almost ready for Bunco.  The floor won't be finished by then, but that's all right and it takes some of the pressure off.  I'm looking forward to a fun time with friends, and that's what counts. 

Hope you are having a low-stress holiday season!  Just remember that it's ok to let go of some things in order to let in some peace and joy!


Unknown said...

One of us better be making you a Super Pamela cape for are AMAZING!

Pamela said...

Thanks, Shirley :)