Friday, June 22, 2018

Getting back into the Groove

After a couple months of having our normal routines completely disrupted, my husband and I are both struggling with getting back into our groove.  We have managed to resume our daily walk and exercise, which is a good thing!  I made a couple of fun string blocks and am working on getting that scrap basket back down to a decent level.

I even found pieces of an unfinished quilt block!

Blockheads block number two is done - I'll do the third block a bit later today so I can stay caught up with that!

Prepping for pageant week!  The blue top is for a director, the pink dress is for a contestant.  Plus a few other odds and ends of alterations to finish up.  I'm still working on that beaded dress - there's a jacket as well that needs taken in.

The flowers are all finished and I'm working on the border of the the Grandmother's Flower Garden, right on schedule to be done by the end of the month!  Yay for that!

I also made something cute for Island Batik that I can't show you yet - it's a new Funky Friends pattern and she was super fun and cute to make!  Check out the Funky Friend Factory - they even have some free patterns you can try out :)  This is Petunia Pig.  I made her for the most recent Island Batik catalog and market - she was super cute as well!  And fun to make!

Both the linky parties I have been participating in on Fridays are taking a break, so no link-ups for me this week. 

Time to go do some a t-shirt quilt that's begging to be finished soon - have a great weekend! 

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