Monday, June 25, 2018

Christmas All Year Block 6 and Monday Motivation!

Today's Monday Motivation had to be a good Christmas quote to keep with the theme of the Christmas All Year block of the month that I have to share.  This one caught my eye:

This really sums up what I wanted to achieve with my block of the month, to enable us to enjoy a little of the feeling of Christmas every month of the year while we make our blocks.  I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am!

Block 6:  Summer Winds

This is an appropriate block for this time of year - living on the coast we get a great breeze every day!  Go ahead and download the pattern, and I'll show you the steps to making this block.  It's really not as complicated as it looks!

First of all get all your cutting done. Lots of triangles in this block, so it takes a little while to do all the cutting.
Sew all the red/green half square triangles and press them.
Love a long line of pieces on my ironing board!
Take a few minutes to measure and trim - it really does help your block come out extra nice.
Three triangles and one square combine to make the corner units.  Make sure you pay attention to the pressing diagram, it will make it so much easier to put it all together in the end!
Sew four flying geese units, and trim them up as well - it really does make a difference in how your block turns out.
Next you sew these to the background rectangles.  A good tip for this is to sew with the flying goose on the top so you can see where your stitching line needs to go.
I always aim to stitch just a hair off the point of the Flying Goose unit - press the seam toward the background rectangle.
Nice looking point on this one!  Make sure to measure these as well just to make sure they are the right size.
Now it all sews together as easy as pie - especially if you've pressed the seams correctly.  Take your time sewing the units together and match the seams nicely.  You'll end up with this pretty block:

Here are my blocks so far!  I really love how pretty they are all together!

Only three block to go and we'll be ready to finish this up.

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Hope you enjoy making the Summer Winds block!

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Joyce Carter said...

Thank you so much Pamela! This block looks really complicated, but you made it go together so easily. And it is very beautiful. I love this one.