Thursday, May 24, 2018

Coming back down to earth....

What a fabulous weekend we had at Spring International Quilt Market!  It was totally overwhelming, so many awesome vendors, classes, and people to meet.  My eyes, heart and brain are totally full, and though I want to blog about it all, right now I am out of words - the introvert in me needs to recoup from so much input!  

Here we are after closing the market down on friday evening - so much fun looking at all the fabrics and helping choose what we'll be stocking in the shop at Threads That Bind this fall!  Everyone loved how our outfits coordinated - it wasn't planned that way at all.  My top was made out of Island Batik Rayon (Iris Rayon) - it was so comfy to wear and I got compliments everywhere on it.  This piece was provided in my first Ambassador box this year, and I love it!

This is Jessica Caldwell of Desert Bloom Quilting!  She's a fellow Island Batik Ambassador and we were there taking our first class with Tammy Silver of Tamarini's - she is a designer with Island Batik.  I love her sweet Georgia accent!  She was teaching guided improv, which was quite fun.  This was a great way to start off because I already had a connection with these ladies which really helped settle my nerves.  Plus, Jessica and I had to wait for our friends to arrive so we got to sit and chat while we were waiting - I really enjoyed getting to know her better!

So, off we started down the aisles.  So much to look at!

Aren't those miniatures to die for?  It was hard to concentrate with all the quilts to look at, patterns to see, notions to consider.  I was there with my quilt shop, so I had to make sure I was keeping an eye out for things for the shop, but oh my - the inspiration for quilting designs, colors and displays.  Plus people to meet and chat with!

Finally we got the Island Batik booth!  It was so exciting to see my Bloom table runner hanging in the British Rose grouping!  Doesn't my top look nice with this collection?

And I was super elated to see Fancy Feathers hanging so visibly!  This collection is Eclectic Garden - it is a gorgeous line of fabric - I really loved working with it.  The pattern for Fancy Feathers will be available soon, don't worry I will let you know when it's ready to purchase!

Another highlight was visiting the Suzybee Quilting booth!  The Quiltsy Team just finished a challenge with one of her fabrics, and we'll be asking you to help us choose a favorite, so I'll be posting more about that tomorrow.

Goodbye, Quilt Market!  It was so much fun - I was exhausted, inspired and totally overwhelmed by it all!  I have lots of products and things to share, but for now I have a ton of stuff in real life to catch up on...still have some wedding gowns and alterations to finish up, and a quilt that needs to be finished for Fall Market - yep, no rest for a quilt designer, it's from one project to the next!  

I'll be back with more tales from Quilt Market, plus lots more pictures of the Island Batik booth.  Have a wonderful day - go do some quilting!


Kathleen said...

Pamela, looks like you had a great time. Congrats on your quilts being displayed! It really looks to be so overwhelming, b ut an awesome experienc.

Barb Neiwert said...

So glad you got to go to Market - so close for you! I was scheduled to go, but then our family moved my in-laws to assisted living. Maybe another time. Looks like you had a whirlwind time!