Saturday, April 14, 2018

Scrappy Baskets part 2

Yep, still having fun with the scrappy baskets.  I finished the pink one on Thursday and the purple one on Friday.  I'm having such fun putting these wonderful scraps together!  These were all provided by Island Batik in different Ambassador boxes I have received.  I love scrappy, and am not shy about combining fabrics from different lines - it makes the quilt so fun and unique!

I do believe the pink is from the Cherry Berry line.  Fun!
This pretty purple was a 10 inch square, I don't know what the line was.  It has trees on it, though!  Here is how I cut the pieces from the square, I even had a bit left over.
I like being able to cut a single triangle by using my Easy Angle ruler. 

Now I've started auditioning fabrics for the borders.

I think the green and blue with the lemons will be the first border.  That came from the Sour Apple line.  Then I will choose a blue for the final border, and another of these blues will be the binding.  Or maybe the seashell print.  We'll see!  What do you think of the aqua blue corner stones?  Too bright, or just right?  The jury is still out on that one.  That fabric is one of the blenders - the color is called Pool.  I am getting down to the last scraps on this, it has been included in several quilts and is definitely one of my favorite colors ever!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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