Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sewing Room Cleanup Day 2

Yesterday I tackled the cutting table.   That tends to get pretty bad, but it's usually just stuff that needs to be put away.  You know, piles of fabric, marking pens, rulers, more fabric...

The pile of cut up baby clothes is a work in progress, so that got moved to the sewing table.  Rulers were re-organized into the ruler rack.  I went through the little storage bin and removed some of the excess items so it would be more useful to me.  The storage box was a project that I moved to the area that I store those in and I went ahead and cut up the charm pack that I set aside for another Cobblestones Table Runner.

While I am at it, I want to give a shout out to the Calibre Art Rotating mat!  I purchased it on Amazon a while back - it was a very reasonable price.  It is the 8 inch size and I love it - it rotates like a dream, and the cutting surface is awesome.  I have a larger rotating Olfa mat, but it doesn't rotate very well - maybe the size?  Anyway, the Calibre Art mat spins with a touch, but is super stable when cutting.  I purchased this mat myself, so this is not a paid promo,  just me recommending a product I like!

After that I tackled the scrap bin.  I didn't sew up any blocks, but I did do some sorting and trimming.  I put some larger pieces in my strip bins, and threw out anything that was not bigger than 1 inch wide.  I love scraps, but I have to draw the line somewhere!  Then I decided that the scrap bin needs to go on the storage units to the right, not on my cutting table.  The only things I want on my cutting table are my cutting tools and small storage bin to hold pens and other notions.  I want to be ready to use it when I walk into my sewing room every day!

Today's task is the dreaded project corner.  It contains several stacks of project bins, filing containers and odds and ends.  I think my biggest job is going to be coming up with a way of prioritizing my projects and keeping track of my progress.  Will have to think about that as I pull these things out and assess them!  I do know that my filing containers need to go somewhere else.  I don't use them as I should because they are at the bottom of the pile.  Taming paperwork needs to be another priority in keeping my sewing room functional!

With that, I suppose I should get busy and tackle it.  How do you keep your projects organized?  Do you have a secret for knowing what to work on and when?  I'd love to know!

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Barb Neiwert said...

I'm a pretty unorganized project person. Spontaneity is key - 'When the mood strikes, get 'er done' is my motto, lol. Guess I'm no help for you.