Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sewing Room Clean up Day 1

I decided to focus on cleaning up one area of my sewing room a day so that I don't make a bigger mess than I already have!  I am really trying NOT to just move piles from one area to another.  And I am just working on the piles, not on the insides of my storage pieces!

This is the top of my two narrow storage drawers.  I try not to pile too much on them, but as you can see, the layers were starting to build up!  I put away the cat fabrics for a project to work on in August, and cleaned off my white board so I could make a list.  This way I don't forget that I want to work on something in the near future!  The notebook was taken to the dining room so I can go through the paperwork and organize it in the evenings.

So I had a few things left in this area, but no towers of fabric and junk!  There is my Farmer's Wife box - so I remember to make a block here and there (once I find the book, that is!)  I left out the small  plastic bins to contain the bits for specific projects (leftover triangles are in one - I'll be playing with those soon!)  The small pile of fabric is for a fun Row by Row starting up in September - ready for Christmas?  And the box is what I use to add scraps for my Mini Dresden plate quilt.

I did have a pile of muslin foundations for string quilts that I had to put in the overflowing scrap pile, but other than that I didn't add to any piles!

And I found this tray that I've been looking for!  I wanted to use it to organize my tea supplies.  Now it looks like a purposeful collection of items, not random stuff left on my counter.

After all the cleaning was finished, I worked on cutting down a pile of baby clothes, then finished putting this top together for a shop sample:

I'll probably get that quilted next week.

Today, I tackle the cutting table.  Definitely needs some help, I'm tired of shuffling things around to make room for cutting!  And I need to tame the box I've been using to make scrappy blocks.  It is overflowing again, so maybe I'll just have to sew some blocks to tame it down :)

Have a fun day!

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