Monday, May 15, 2017

Quilter's Recipe Box Alternate for Quarter Square Triangle - Clown's Choice

Hi it's another Monday and time for another quilt block pattern!  I've really enjoyed doing all these blocks and it's been fun to use some old favorites and also explore some new and different blocks!

Today's alternate block for the Quarter Square Triangle Unit is a quick little block that goes by Clown's Choice.  I think this might be an interesting block to make a modern quilt out of, the lines and angles could be really interesting.  I found some fun colorations of it here on meadowside-designs.  I decide to go with red and blue for my block:

This block requires 5 quarter square triangle units, so you will need to cut three 4 1/4 squares each of your background fabric and your contrasting fabric.  You will also need four  3 1/5 inch squares of your background fabric.  

I chose to make my quarter square triangles using the same method as I used last week, I cut my 4 1/4 inch squares in half after layering the pairs right sides together, then sewed the halves together to make 6 half square triangles.  

After sewing, press with seams toward the darker fabric (I pressed toward the red)  
I then layered these in pairs right sides together with the red halves paired against the blue halves.  Cut in half diagonally, sew and press.  You end up with 6 squares.  Set one aside (spare parts can be useful!) and lay the 5 Quarter Square Units out with the 4 background squares:

Sew and press and you end up here:

Have you ever made (or even heard of) this block before?  Not me - this was a new one!  See you next week for another block - then the last Monday of June we'll have a review and a giveaway post.  Thanks for following along!

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teachpany said...

Great block! I wonder what that would do as a secondary design.